The BTXpen is a complete solution

  • NO set-up or training needed

  • Attach large needle to draw up the total patient dose (holds up to 100 units)

  • Switch to the injection needle

  • Turn the plunger to lock

  • Select the dose (1-10 units)

  • Press the lever forward to inject 

  • The pen automatically resets to 0

  • Ergonomically comfortable for both left and right handed use

  • Feels similar to holding a regular syringe 



The BTXpen reduces risk

  • Uses luer lock needles; virtually removing the need to pry off the vial metal ring and rubber stopper- eliminating product contamination and spillage

  • No more 'resistive sticky plunger'

  • Hard stop - no overdose risk

  • No longer having to ensure the plunger moves the exact amount for each dose

  • Clinician can concentrate on injection site - not the injection device

  • Patented design enables you to dial and inject a precise, smooth dose

  • Can be used with all botulinum toxins



The BTXpen increases convenience 

  • Save product loss from multiple syringes

  • Saves prep time with only one syringe to prepare

  • Inject in one fluid motion, no counting clicks or graduations on the syringe

  • Makes treatments easier and safer

  • Decreases injection time

  • Improved patient satisfaction

  • Can also do some "diluted" injections at the end of the treatment (ie. around mouth)

  • Can also pull the plunger back to check for blood when the plunger is in the unlocked position

  • Dispose of pen after use




to 10 units

Ergonomical Handle

Comfortable for all hand sizes


Push forward 

to inject


Uses leur lock needles


Holds up to 100 units (1ml)


Pull out to fill

Woman getting cosmetic injection of boto

Our Story

Cheryl Muise has been a registered nurse for 41 years.  After extensive research to try and find a simple solution for botulinum injections, Cheryl received mentor-ship through Innovation Factory (Ontario's Network of Entrepreneurs) This lead to a partnership for this project with Humanscope. 

Our unique, one of a kind, injection device (BTXpen) was designed in partnership with Humanscope. 


Humanscope is a product development company with over 30 years’ experience creating innovative products in a wide variety of industries. 

This technology is the only dial-a-dose medication pen that can be filled by the user, globally.  This pen can be adapted to hold different volumes of fluid and dosages.  Even though this device was created originally for botulinum cosmetic use, this same technology has the potential for 3 product lines: 


BTXpen botulinum

MYpen self-injections

PETpen pet insulin


Creating best practice solutions for simple safer injections. 

There are many issues surrounding the injection of botulinum toxin  due to the precise, tiny amounts used and the multiple number of injections needed for these treatments.  Clinicians collectively acknowledge frustration around the injection process.

There is no dial-a-dose medication pen/syringe on the global market that can be filled by the user at point of care.  UNTIL NOW

Our mission was to create the ultimate device for injecting botulinum toxin and we delivered a complete solution for each concern identified.   This technology is also a perfect solution for pet owners to give their pet insulin and can be used for many other injectable medications.

The Solution




Antonella Pasquale BScN RN(EC) PHCNP

Medical Director/aesthetic injector 

Antonella Pasquale BScN RN(EC) PHCNP

Medical Director/aesthetic injector 

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to provide some feedback.  This concept is:


2. No sticky syringes that occasionally lead to “overplunging”

3. Less risk injecting into wrong area 

4. Easier to manipulate 

5. One device does it all

6. No more dull needles 

7. Easier to handle 

8. Appealing to the eye

9.  Would definitely integrate this into my practice if it was available

Safety is a top priority to both the health care provider as well as the recipient. As a Registered Nurse seasoned with injection administration, I believe this device demonstrates safety and best practice at a high level. I would think that the insurance providers for the professional that is administering the BTX injection would prefer this device to the conventional methods currently being practiced for BTX injections. 

A slick and safe design.

Vial medical isolated .jpg

Christine (McGeachy) Wickson MSN-FNP, PHCNP

         Advanced aesthetic injector, trainer and medical director

The pen concept presents an injector with a tool that doesn’t currently exist in the market. It is innovative and aesthetically pleasing. It offers the injector precision in dosing and the potential to reduce adverse events for clients. It is paramount for a device to have utility and safety for clients and health care providers. I believe this pen has those .

My name is Cheryl Boch. I have been working as a Cosmetic Injector for the past 5 years.  

Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to an interesting presentation on the BTXpen. The presentation did address many of the concerns I have with using our standard practice 31G BD insulin syringes for injection of botulinum for cosmetic purposes.  

 In training, when like-minded nurses gather to discuss various topics about this industry, there have been discussion of the lack of quality control with using BD needles.  The problem is that at times, the plunger can be “sticky” which creates a potential for over-injection. Occasionally, needle tips are slightly bent.

 The idea of using a “smart syringe” that allows me to dial the precise dose is very appealing.  Other features of the syringe that appeal to me is the single product draw per client and the appeal of working in a clinic that uses leading edge injection tools and products. 

 I would welcome the opportunity to experience using the BTXpenduring the trials.


Patricia Pezzano
APT Medical Aesthetics

(and international training centre)

“I think the idea is sound. I think new injectors will have a higher level of confidence injecting, especially as they first begin practice, to know that they are injecting the correct amount of product. As you are well aware, toxin injections need to be precise, both in terms of location and dose. Even one unit can make a clinical difference for the patient. I think this device will free new injectors to concentrate on locating the correct anatomy without worrying about the dose delivery.

Cheryl Boch

Advanced Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Jennifer Buckle

Registered Nurse

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