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Needle Buddies are cute snap ons that disguises the syringe and needle to help reduce needle anxiety

The toy moves up out of the way during the injection 

Fits any size syringe from the short prefilled vaccine syringe to a standard   1 to 3 ml syringe

The adorable buddy can host a variety of character stickers and the toys comes off after the injection for the child to take home 

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Needles are Scary- let's cover that bad boy up
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Stopping Needle anxiety before it begins

Removing the cringe from the syringe

The idea of Needle Buddies was born out of both personal and professional experience with needle anxiety. Cheryl, our co-founder and the mother to this equation, has been a Registered Nurse for 41 years. Cheryl brings her professional healthcare and project management experience to the team. The daughter formula starts with our creative co-founder, Cailey, who brings many years of customer service experience. Behind the scenes, you will find another piece to the daughter equation, Lace, our marketing and logistics coordinator. The sum of these three ladies equals a dynamic team ready to stop needle anxiety before it begins