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Drug and Syringe

This technology is the only dial-a-dose medication pen that can be filled by the user, globally.  This pen can be adapted to hold different volumes of fluid and dosages.  Even though this device was created originally for botulinum cosmetic use, this same technology has the potential for 3 product lines: 


BTXpen botulinum

MYpen self-injections

PETpen pet insulin


Current version:

For every 1 unit dialed, 1 unit of fluid is dispensed, 2 units dialed, 2 units of fluid is dispensed.... up to 10 units 

100 IU per ml

Future version examples:

Micro-injections: for injecting amounts less than 1 unit.   There is a desire in the aesthetic market to deliver botulinum in microinjections.  This means that the product will be delivered in highly concentrated doses, with smaller fluid volumes. Current syringes on the market cannot support this creating a need for a specialized device. Our technology can support microinjection devices.

2.5:1  For every 1 unit dialed, 2.5 units of fluid is dispensed, 2 units dialed, 5 units of fluid is dispensed....up to 10 units 

40 IU per ml   

3ml volume dispensing .1 ml to 1.0 ml


With the rising cost of health care and chronic diseases there is an increased rise in injectables being sent home with patients for self-administration. 


Benefits of the MYpen:

  • Convenient and more accurate for the patient.

  • Can be filled with several doses so the patient just has to dial each dose for increased convenience and accuracy

  • Cost effective for governments, insurance providers, and patients 

  • Research shows that matching patients with the right injection device can increase treatment adherence.  

Visit to the Vet

Veterinarians have identified a need for an injection pen that can be used with all types/brands of insulin.  Many pet owner struggle with dosage accuracy and injections.

Benefits of the PETpen:

  • Increased accuracy

  • Easy to use with no set-up

  • Cost effective

  • Can be used with all insulin types

  • Fill it and use it until empty- just replace the injection needle            



Example: a cat that needs 2 units of insulin would use 50 syringes to one PETpen


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